I am a very particular girl. I usually stick to some things and I really don’t care about others. I like my personal space. And I hate it when the so-called marketing specialists try to make me change my view about the world just so that I would buy their product. And I really don’t care about most of the stuff on the market nowadays.

I like my cactuses and I stick to taking care of them. You might occasionally find me bragging about my progression.

I don’t care about philosophy. This is not a thing you’d find here.

I don’t like things designed. I am eclectic. I do these things myself. I design things like the Universe – everything seems chaotic and out of place until you understand my concept and then everything makes sence. At least for a while. Things change sometimes.

And so, I am particular. I am your typical customer, you might say. Your friend. The girl next door. The one who’s always late for the bus. The one who never keeps the promices she gave to herself. Your relative. Your roommate. Your colleague. Everyone’s particular.  And since you like ordinary everyday people, my particularity will appeal to you so much as to hang around my blog, even if I don’t post frequently at all.

My name is Radosveta.

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